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How do I choose a Member Category?

We have two membership types: Builder and Associate.

Builder Memberships are for Builders of Residential Spec and Custom Homes, Residential Remodelers, Commercial Builders, Multi Family Builders & Land Developers

Associate Memberships are all other members, i.e. HVAC, Electrical Contractors & Suppliers, Lending Institutions, Title Companies, etc.


I am not a builder or remodeler. Why should I join?

Your local Home Builders Association is a great way to network with many different businesses in and around the building industry. We offer monthly luncheons that allow you to be informed and educated about the community and surrounding areas. Our events will give you advertising opportunities to get your business recognized + you get 3 memberships in one! The National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) and Texas Association of Builders (TAB)!


What about my employees?  Do they each need a membership? 

Your business holds the membership. Your employees have an opportunity for additional benefits as an Affiliate Member under your membership (COMING SOON).


What is an Associate Member? 

An Associate Member is any member business that is not a builder, remodeler or land developer. For example: Banks, Realtors, Decorators, Plumbers, etc. are all Associate Members.


Can I use the GBVBA Logo?

Yes, as long as you are a member in good standing, and it has “Member” labeled below it. Contact the GBVBA office to receive an electronic copy of the logo for your use. You may also display the TAB and NAHB logos as long as your membership is current.


How do I join a specific council or committee?

Committees are a great way to become active in the GBVBA!  Contact our office for more information @ 979.696.0272

Councils like the Remodelers Council are joined via membership dues that get membership in our local Remodelers Council and the NAHB Remodelers Council. The GBVBA Board of Directors is formed by election of the membership.


What are the perks of membership?

A member receives a 3-in-1 membership: Local, State and National.  We offer resources, networking, events, rebates, educational information, monthly luncheons and more!


My membership lapsed?  How do I reinstate my company’s membership?

Fill out a membership application and pay the annual membership fee of $645.


If I join the GBVBA will I be a member of TAB and NAHB too?

Yes! Your local GBVBA membership also enrolls you in the NAHB and TAB.


I’m not a member.  Can I still attend events or advertise in the newsletter or at events?

Yes. You can register for a limited number of Monthly Member Luncheons and pay a higher fee. If you are a guest of a member, they must register your attendance. We do offer advertising opportunities to non-members in the newsletter and for some of our events. The fee(s) are at an increased rate. Please contact the GBVBA office for more information.


What types of companies are GBVBA members?

Our members companies are widely varied. There are Builders, Realtors, Flooring, Masons and their suppliers, Banks and Mortgage companies, Television and Radio Stations, Cabinet makers, city utilities and many more.


I joined.  Now what?

Begin by browsing our website, the TAB and NAHB website. We recommend attending a networking event and/or Member Luncheon.  Look into our Committee list and see what might interest you. We have an excellent document to answer this very question.


Will I be listed in the directory?

Yes. We publish a printed directory at the beginning of each year. You will also be in our online directory.


What’s my login and password?

Member Representatives will have a login and password for the Member Information Center (MIC).  Representatives of member companies will be sent login and password credentials after their membership is processed.  Depending on the permissions the representative has will dictate what they can do in the MIC. Benefits are paying invoices, register for an event, update business information, post Hot Deals to other members, Job Postings, etc.


How can I get additional exposure for my company?

Sponsor an event! We offer many sponsorship opportunities throughout the year. Attending events will allow you to network with other member companies.  Each event offers a variety of advertising opportunities.

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